NYT, ‘adopt don’t shop’! It’s a thing

Some members of the national press didn’t get that dog they asked for when they were kids and it shows.

In the midst of surging cases of COVID-19 and a contentious (to put it mildly) presidential election, the New York Times thinks it is very important for you to know that President-elect Joseph R. Biden is moving into the White House with—are you sitting down?—a dog. Two dogs, in fact.

But, wait!

One of the dogs is a shelter dog! A “shelter German shepherd,” no less.

The Bidens adopted Major (from a SHELTER) two years ago. but reporter Katie Glueck seems unconvinced of his bona fides as a pet.

The president-elect has to wear it [a walking boot] because of the hairline fractures in his right foot he suffered while playing with a German shepherd shelter dog named Major over the weekend.

The miscreant in question.


The article then questions whether Biden has been forthcoming about the exact nature of his injury, ocurring–as it did–when he was playing with a (SHELTERRR!!) dog.

A Biden spokesman did not respond to more detailed questions about how the injury occurred — Was Mr. Biden playing catch with his dog? Were they on a walk? — or about how Mr. Biden was feeling.

Glueck’s not alone. Over at The Washington Post, reporters have also made careful note of Major’s provenance. At the same time, they remind us that Biden was criticized for buying his other GSD, Champ, from a breeder.

No word yet on Major’s email security protocols or what’s on his laptop.

Pinky, one of our two rescue dogs, thinks this is sus.

Header image: Champ as a puppy. Credit: @firstdogsusa.

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