My (not very) Bookish 2020

I missed my goal in the Bookish 2020 Reading Challenge. I didn’t even make bsic Book Nerd, let alone to the Max Power. Back in January of what we now call the Before Times, I somehow thought that reading two books a month would be a piece of cake.

For those of you out there who are wondering how I could not manage just two books a month when everything closed down and we were all “stuck at home,” I would point you to my previous blog post where I express some detailed thoughts on the matter.

I actually ended up doing lots of reading due to the global pandemic, just not many books.

I hope to change that in 2021. I’m not giving up! Reading more books is one of my resolutions for the New Year.

Below is a list of the ones I did manage in 2020 and the categories I assigned them for the challenge. I am putting my reviews up on Goodreads, if any look interesting. (A mini resolution for next year is to read all the books I this year before buying any new ones!)

Here’s to more novels, history and poetry and less epidemiology in 2021.

My Bookish 2020

  • FictionThe Cay by Theodore Taylor
  • MemoirEducated by Tara Westover
  • BiographyUntamed: The Wildest Woman in America and the Fight for Cumberland Island by Will Harlan
  • HistoryJacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross and a Great American Land Grab by Steve Inskeep
  • Self-Help/Wellness – The Obesity Code – Dr. Jason Fung
  • Historical Fiction – Counting on Grace by Elizabeth Winthrop
  • Middle Grades – Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
  • Southern – At Fault by Kate Chopin
  • Poetry – Chasing Utopia by Nikki Giovanni

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