Asian Beer Can Chicken

Reblogging this recipe to save for the weekend. Thanks to Patricia, for posting.

Three Hour Brunch Friend

My boyfriend wanted to make beer can chicken for our friend’s birthday barbecue. Rather than the usual barbecue rub, we went with something a bit different. But to say it’s simply “Asian” is kinda vague. It’s more of a Beer Can Chicken with a Southeast Asian Twist as the flavour profile leans towards the delicate balance of sweet, sour and salty that is common to Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. This all comes from the magical combination of brown sugar (sweet), lime juice (sour) and fish sauce (salty). (Think beyond ginger and soy sauce, my friends!) The three ingredients are blended together with a generous portion of chopped garlic and red chilli, and then cooked down to a thick paste for glazing the chicken as it cooks. Of course, one of the joys of cooking, as opposed to baking, is that you can adjust the ingredients to taste without any dire consequences…

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