2023 Reading Challenge ‐Reading Down the Bookshelf

And we’re back again! Here with the perennial goal of reading more books.

This year, I’m going with what I hope will be an easy goal: Twelve books, one a month.

January’s book is The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee. I will add a review here and on Goodreads when I’m done.

As a writer and lifelong bookworm, it’s embarrassing to admit that this is actually a challenge. I do read a lot, but mostly periodicals. I read news and current events mostly from newspapers and magazines.

But reading for pleasure is something I haven’t regularly made time for since having kids.

I do still read to and with my children, but they are older now. I can go back to reading what I want to read in my spare time.

My goal this year, in addition to reading at least 12 books, is to read only from books I already own and haven’t read. (This is honestly well over 12 books! My IRL ‘to read shelf’ is several shelves high.)

I got the idea from Hey, Reader’s Read Your Bookshelf challenge. But I am not going to follow the monthly prompts.

Instead, I want to alternate between fiction and non-fiction. I tend to gravitate toward history and, when I get time to read, I end up choosing that or a biography.

Alternating each month should add more balance.

When we moved, we also had to leave behind (*sob*) our large bookshelf from our living room and downsize.

Fortunately, swapping books is very common here. (More about where ‘here’ is, later.) People will leave books they are finished with out along the sidewalks for other people to take.

As I still have a couple boxes of books that dint fit on our remaining shelves, I’m committed to reading and passing along as many as I can.

(No judgment for anyone who keeps a copy of their favorite books at home. We still have plenty of those, too.)

What about you? Do you have a reading goal for 2023?

Let me know in the comments.

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