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I am excited to be able to participate in a live discussion with Dr. Amber Schmidtke, the Macon microbiologist who writes the Substack newsletter, Georgia COVID-19 Updates. I’ve linked to Dr. Schmidtke’s newsletter before because she is a rare source of reliable, clear information about the state of the pandemic here.

Photo of Amber Schmidtke
Amber Schmidtke, PhD
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Dr. Schmidtke agreed to be on the live Twitch show this evening, August 12 at 6 p.m. If you have a Twitch account, you can view us live. If not, you can watch the recorded show on the Decaturish Media YouTube channel.

She will be talking about the latest COVID information and taking questions from the audience. I think it will be a great show.

Silent screaming into the void

I started regularly blogging again as a way to deal with my anxiety over the pandemic. I have always processed my thoughts best through writing. And, I wanted to keep a record of what life was like during this time.

And, at this moment in time in Georgia, things are not going well.

Our cases have surged well past the high point in April when the state first ordered residents to shelter in place. (We were then one of the first states to lift the orders, by the way, despite no evidence the cases were in decline.) Yet state leaders stubbornly deny the need to do anything necessary to control the outbreak.

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